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Thank you for inquiring about the Antiques Appreciation Seminars. Currently, there are none scheduled for the immediate future. However, your interest is important and seminars may be scheduled for small groups upon request. Please contact Terry directly at appraiseold@aol.com with your questions, concerns or to learn about specific programs that can be presented. Previous seminars are listed below.



TERRY SONNTAG is a longtime collector, dealer, and appraiser accredited by the International Society of Appraisers and Appraisers National Association. He was co-owner and operations director of the Country Antique Fair Mall from 1981-1995. He established the Santa Clarita Antique Center in 1996. In 2004, he retired from the retail end of antiques to pursue antiques appraising. He remains active in the field as a buyer, seller, appraiser, and consultant. Additionally, he is an active panel member of "Roadshow" type valuation events conducted at the Saugus Swapmeet, the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and other venues throughout Southern California. His experience and approach to friendly learning will facilitate your pleasant stroll into the past. He has been an Adjunct Professor at College of the Canyons for over 15 years and recently hosted their Community Extension Series in Antiques Appreciation.  Organizations, such as The Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society, and private studios in the Santa Clarita Valley and the community of Tehachapi were other venues for seminars and workshops. He offers an extended program to share in a friendly informal setting.


This workshop is designed for antique enthusiasts of all levels: newbies, decorators, collectors, and dealers alike. This seminar will address antiques, collectibles and decoratives. Their historical aspects, valuations, and trends will be explored. Participants may bring a couple of items to share and discuss.  Handout material is included.


Investigate the various aspects of construction, fakes, repairs and trends. Seminar will examine tools, hardware and the use of ultraviolet light and what it will reveal to you when you examine various items or materials. Bring a couple of items to discuss and examine. This is a great workshop for dealers, old or new! Handout material is included.


Don't be an appraisal victim. Learn a bit about professional appraising. This consumer based seminar will open your eyes as to ethical and professional standards of antique and personal property appraising. We will explore myths about the popular TV shows, when do you need an appraisal, written a verbal reports, authentication, how to approach valuation and research.  Bring in a couple of items to share and chat. Handout material is included.

To learn more about professional appraising, please visit www.appraiseold.com for additional information.

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